Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jack-Rabbit Starts

One of the more idiodic things you see on the streets is those who
think when the light turns green, it has to be a drag race.
They feel they have to floor it and scream their engine just to
get up to the speed limit one half second faster. How much time
could that really be saving them?

Why not just accellerate gradually by gently pushing on the gas. You are
only talking about a few fractions of a second difference in time.
You are both reaching the same speed limit (assuming you're not breaking
it). So the actual time it takes to accellerate up to the speed limit is
very negligible. Jack-rabbit starts save no time at all in most cases.

Haven't you noticed when you see that guy at the same red light as you.
The light turns green... You proceed at a reasonable pace but the guy next to you
punches it like he's crazy. He goes zooming off seemingly far ahead of you.
But can you guess what happens next? At the very next light, the same
guy is right next to you, or even behind you some times with the mix of traffic.
I'd say this happens about 9 times out of 10 just proving how foolish it is.
So he just wasted all that gas and wear and tear on his car or nothing.
Where's the logic in that?

Let me know your stories of aggressive driving. I wan't to hear 'em!

1 comment:

  1. why are there many jack rabbit starts in the USA and Canada unlike Asian countries? I was surprised to listen to so many jack rabbit start sounds on the streets. I used to live in Korea. But I seldon heard the jack rabbit start sounds on the steert. I just wonder.